Emily Wax

Peace Truck

Cat Stevens used to sing about a peace train. Well here’s a peace truck.

We loved Emily Wax‘s Washington Post article about an Egyptian American man, Moustafa Soliman, who is spreading a message about the possibility of peace between Arabs and Jews by operating a food truck in DC. This isn’t just a food truck with a cutesy logo or wishful thinking on wheels.

It’s a food truck that serves kosher food from one window and halal offerings from another.

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Lord have mercy… why NOT dance?

Tonight SPACIOUS is hosting a dance event. We’re excited about it.  We’re equally excited with you if you are NOT coming because your ideal night is reading a book alone at home or practicing mental math or working at your job which you love. Seriously. There’s nothing magical about dancing.

But then again, why NOT dance?

Emily Wax wrote another article featuring SPACIOUS in The Washington Post. We are grateful for her shout-out and proud of what we’re doing.  

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Washington Post features SPACIOUS

Emily Wax of the Washington Post has more or less written my blogpost for me today. Because how can I improve on her story about SPACIOUS and other cool organizations that are advocating and facilitating play!?

Here’s the story, which graced the cover of the STYLE section in the print version of the Post.

We’re definitely about recess. Add to that a desire that people are known deeply, that we banish “us and them”

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