Quinoa Falling in the Forest

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a noise?

If I eat my lunch alone and no one else sees it, does it truly nourish me?

Aren’t those variations of the same question: “Must a human being be present for something to matter?” Or in the case of the second question: “Must a second human being be present for me to feel significant?”

Everybody is posting food photos… Instagram,

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Guest Post: Agam’s Birthday Project

Today’s guest post is from Agam Rafaeli (pictured in the hat), who will introduce himself below. I (Cary) had the chance to meet him at the recent wedding of Joey and Rebecca Katona, when Joey told me that Agam was someone he particularly wanted me to meet. In the spirit of the post below, Agam and I were both eager to make a new friend and connect around our mutual love of Joey. So we slipped away from the band during the reception and spent a little time getting to know each other.

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Let’s Get A Reality Check!

Last night some friends and I were talking about how we all share images of ourselves on social media as if our lives were perfect. We curate impressions. We manage what we share.

When I recently posted a Facebook cover photo of myself on a swing, one friend commented, “You have such a fun life.” I wanted to rip the picture down. I felt disingenuous… because obviously I’d posted the picture to telegraph my fun quotient, my free spirit… but I was self-aware even on the swing when I saw my friend snap the photo.

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Who do you want to play with?

I want to play with the kids who don’t care if they have egg in their hair. And who want to try something new. And who don’t mind if they’re a little too much of whatever their culture says is wrong (dark skin, light skin, big, small, funny, serious). Who just think, “Screw all that; I’m going to have fun.”

Those are the people I want to play with or hang out with or drink coffee or margaritas with… those people who won’t be defined by shame or perfection or shoulds or by anything other than their God-given fabulosity and the right to take up space on the planet “as is.”

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I was wrong… nuancing the “for and against” issue

My last post was about how one way to avoid “us and them” thinking is to be FOR things and not AGAINST things. I made the point that when someone espouses a cause they care about, many people take the time and energy to knock down that same cause, and I don’t like that approach (personally or for SPACIOUS).

One reader, Sarah, replied to my blogpost via Facebook, saying, “…I do think there’s a difference between constructive criticism, which opens up the possiblity for growth,

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SPACIOUS beyond the blog

Many of you simply read our blog. And a “thank you” is in order. But there’s so much more to SPACIOUS than the blog that I wanted to take the opportunity to fill you in on who and what we are if you only know our blog.

SPACIOUS came about after years of dreaming and praying. I’ve long wanted to do something radical that does nothing less than create the space for people to reimagine the worth of everybody they run into and to begin experiencing more freedom in life,

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Status Updates of the Free and Easy

I was thinking about some potential Facebook status updates that would get my attention and make me feel hopeful about the human condition. I’d love to see any of these:


says, “No more limits.”

…found four new bands to listen to this week.

…is open to hearing things she’ll likely disagree with.

…spent some time this morning just lying in the grass doing nothing but staring at the sky.

…just treated the stranger at the next table to a coffee.

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