The Loneliness of Lying

“It will live the lifestyle you need to project to others. You can finally be who you want people to think you are. They don’t know you’re sitting at home, getting caught up on ‘Downton Abbey’,” reads an article in which I found out about a new app called CouchCachet which “finds all the coolest places in your neighborhood, then automatically uses Foursquare to check you into them — with none of the irritation of actually leaving the couch.”

Yes, the idea is to lie so that people will think you’re cooler than you are (if cool is indeed defined by being out at the place of the moment,

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Random shuffle of friends

My iPod got stolen. Admittedly that’s a “first world problem,” and in the scheme of things it’s not a bad problem. When it was stolen, I didn’t replace it and figured I’d just be quiet more or listen to a limited selection of songs on my phone when I’m out and about.

And mostly that’s been fine.

Yet I’m thinking about how sometimes you don’t want to decide what to listen to, and you don’t want to listen to a themed playlist or a particular artist.

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Are your dearest nearest?

When I was a baby, my mother put me in the playpen with her best friend’s baby who promptly bit me. The mothers’ plan for us to be best friends so that they could continue to be was threatened.

When I was ten and I wanted to see my best friend, I ran through my back yard, climbed an ancient fence with kid-worn footholds in it, scrambled down an often-muddy bank, trespassed ever so quickly through the yard of a barely-known family,

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