Guest Post: Adrienne Stone-Gibilisco — Best Laid Plans

No matter how one plans for a perfect event, circumstances may arise that require the ability to be flexible and have a good sense of humor.

One Thanksgiving, I invited over about 20 guests. This eclectic mix of family, friends and co-workers came together with an appetite for food AND fun.  One of my guests, who lives healthfully and is always willing to share his recipes, brought supplies to prepare delicious smoothies.  Smoothies for Thanksgiving?  Why not!?  From his shopping bag,

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If I were a tourist patrol…

Leading SPACIOUS is my dream job.  That’s probably not a shock since I created it in response to a personal vision about what I most want for people I love — freedom, the realization that there is more, deep connections, purpose and meaning in support of the common good. Just a few lofty goals.

If I weren’t leading SPACIOUS, I think I’d be a tourist patrol. I made that up, but isn’t that the way of the work world these days…

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Striving is Overrated

The most fun thing I did last year was to roll down a steep hill, coming eventually to rest on a plateau. It wouldn’t have been fun if I didn’t plan it, but I did do it on purpose. I took to the grass with a friend, head to head, and we rolled like logs, laughing hysterically. It was pure fun, simple, free and spontaneous.

And yet it fell amidst all sorts of efforts and striving towards orchestrating fun events, at finding novelty and delight,

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