Guest Post by Mary Koppes: Reciprocity: Presence Is Its Own Gift

For the past week I’ve been a guest at one of the two homes that comprise The Village, a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs and change-makers based out of Boulder, Colorado.

My initial connection with The Village came from a chance meeting with one of its key organizers, César, who reached out to me after I gave a nerve-wracking one-minute pitch in front of 100 people at a fellowship program we were both participating in. When he learned that I was looking to relocate,

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Free Love

We’re giving things away. Free.

  • 20 minutes of conversation via telephone on how to make your own life more spacious (Where do you feel stuck?)
  • one SPACIOUS t-shirt mailed to you in the U.S.
  • one SPACIOUS sticker mailed to you in the U.S.

Each free prize will go to the first person to email me at and say which one you want. We’ll then snail-mail you if you want one of the tangible items (though I hope the conversation will “touch”

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Spamarama, False Hopes and Party Invitations

I hate spam. Actually I sort of like Spam, the nasty-but-tasty meat, but I really do hate spam, the wasteful, annoying, distracting gunk that comes into our inboxes.

You don’t need me to riff on all the reasons why it’s odious. You likely share my feelings about it.

Mail and blog comments get  my hopes up. They arouse my desires to connect deeply with people. They touch the parts of me that long to have impact on others through my words.

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Today is Generosity Day

Today is National Generosity Day… besides being Valentine’s Day, which I consider Amateur Night (that’s another post).

Sasha Dichter is in the forefront of getting people to think about living more generously.  He blogs at and has done a generosity experiment, a generosity TED talk… in short, it’s his THANG.

Since SPACIOUS has generosity as one of its tenets too, I’m all over promoting Sasha’s idea.

So do something generous today. Go above and beyond.

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