I was wrong… nuancing the “for and against” issue

My last post was about how one way to avoid “us and them” thinking is to be FOR things and not AGAINST things. I made the point that when someone espouses a cause they care about, many people take the time and energy to knock down that same cause, and I don’t like that approach (personally or for SPACIOUS).

One reader, Sarah, replied to my blogpost via Facebook, saying, “…I do think there’s a difference between constructive criticism, which opens up the possiblity for growth,

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“Us and Them,” “For and Against”

My last post was about “us and them” thinking. Lots of what we do at SPACIOUS is in fact an effort to smash such thinking.

I began SPACIOUS when I saw the power in what I’ve come to call an “unorthodox friendship” with Joey Katona, our Co-founder and Cultural Catalyst (that means he makes good things happen). The reason the friendship was unorthodox was because we easily could have been a “them” that we didn’t like,

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