Yo! Toby Keith and Me (Yes, Me, I, My)

Yo… yo… and yo again. A couple of years ago I was taking Spanish classes. There was a woman in my class who was really neurotic, blunt and funny.  We “advanced beginners” were working on preterite conjugations, and this woman (overwhelmed as she often was) said that she’d “decided to just stick with the first person singular because most people only talk about themselves anyway.”

I laughed.  Then I cringed.  Because I know that being self-referential is my default mode.  Anybody else?

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Truth or TMI?

Let’s say you run into an acquaintance who — naturally — asks you how you are. When is it okay to say how you’re really feeling — even if the answer is “I’m feeling sort of blah” or even “I’m ecstatic because I got a raise?”  When is it better to just say something polite and move on — vs. expressing what’s actually on your mind?

For most of us our conversational baseline is “How ya doin’?” followed by “Fine” or —

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