“Shower the People You Love with Love”

Ah yes, that’s a James Taylor lyric. And I’m singing it with regret today.

A friend died five days ago. Suddenly.

And I’m wondering why I thought I’d always have another chance to hang out and have a picnic lunch as we always planned to.

And I’m thinking about how I took for granted that I’d be able to honk and wave and yell every time I drove by his workplace, a couple of blocks from my house,

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Love, Loss and What An Ex Kept

I’m a cynic about calling in to radio shows to express myself on the air. I don’t know why my opinion matters, and even if it did, I can’t imagine I’d ever get through the digital equivalent of a lit-up switchboard. Why bother, really?

So when I found myself pulling my car over to the side of the road recently to call D.C.’s MIX 107.3, I was surprised. I didn’t know the depth of loss I felt.

The topic was “things you gave your ex that they kept when you broke up.”

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