We may already have what we’re looking for.

For 30 years I’ve heard him in my head, and tenor Sam Hagan has been in my basement all along.

I grew up in church, and I loved just about everything about it. The cinderblock hallways, the cheesy Sunday School artwork, the rush of seeing favorite people in the hallways… oh, yes, and the worship itself. But I lived for the moment when my church choir would sing a particular piece of music, Brahms’ “Amen” from “Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee”.

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Follow the Leader

I take pride in being able to lead and in being competent to handle most of what life throws at me. I can even be a bit smug about some things I particularly value — like having a good sense of direction, generally being on time (or early) and being organized.

But sometimes it’s good to just follow.

Saturday we had a SPACIOUS event in New York. It was a “walkabout” with Ryan Holladay of Bluebrain, a band I love.

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The SPACIOUS State Playlist

If/since SPACIOUS is a state of mind, it needs state symbols like any good state has — a state reptile, a state protein, or perhaps the more common state flag, state bird, or state dog.

We’ve already chosen a state dance, and I wrote about it here.

We’ve already chosen a state meal, the potluck, and I wrote about that.

Today we’re celebrating a SPACIOUS playlist that my partner Joey and I have co-created.

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An iPod, an Hour, Walking Shoes and 63 Degrees

63 degrees and windy. Spring. iPod. Sunglasses. Time. A feast for the senses as I walk through the neighborhood.

What I learned:

It takes an hour to go about a mile if you stop and smell every flower.

Peonies have a riotous smell that brings tears to my eyes; I want my life to be like that flower smells.

Songs can feel like colors; Barbara Streisand’s voice is golden-salmon stucco. She nails “Can’t Help Lovin’

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