Pamela Terry, Choosing a Path

I’m delighted to introduce you SPACIOUS people to Pamela Terry, a first-class human being and a writer who always stimulates me.

I offer her guest post today with gratitude for her words that are a balm in a complicated time:

I recently heard someone say that whenever he sees an adult wearing braces, he smiles. Because of the optimism. This made me chuckle and then it made me think.

Optimism is a tricky thing these days,

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The Uses of Imagination

When one of my nearest and dearest is running late, I immediately assume they’ve been kidnapped and chopped into pieces. Because that’s usually what’s happened to people, right?

I wish I were kidding. I have an amazing imagination, just mind-bogglingly fantastical and out-there. I begin thinking through who needs to call whom to spread the word of this person’s death. I berate myself for not having bought a newish funeral outfit and having to wear something dowdy or tight. I wonder how I’ll feel years from now…

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Status Updates of the Free and Easy

I was thinking about some potential Facebook status updates that would get my attention and make me feel hopeful about the human condition. I’d love to see any of these:


says, “No more limits.”

…found four new bands to listen to this week.

…is open to hearing things she’ll likely disagree with.

…spent some time this morning just lying in the grass doing nothing but staring at the sky.

…just treated the stranger at the next table to a coffee.

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Look Up

Mostly we walk around looking down at our phones. When was the last time you walked around looking up… not so far up that you tripped over tree roots or fell into construction pits… but just more up than down? Do you remember?

What would it be like to wander down the street or sit on public transportation ready to connect with others or simply sitting and noticing what’s going on around us? People might even be suspicious if we were actually looking around instead of staring down at a phone or at the floor.

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