Memories and Memorable People

Recently I spoke to a group of young mothers with preschoolers, and we reflected on “shoulds,” cultural expectations, and the reality that we often take on a lot more pressure in mothering (and most aspects of life) than is strictly necessary.

I’ll invite you to the same reflection I offered to that audience:

  • Think back to your childhood. What is your happiest memory? STOP and close your eyes and come up with one. Now… I wonder if that memory involved something technological or something that was perfectly planned and executed or if it had something to do with a more simple joy in life or perhaps even something that went hilariously,

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“No Roaming” Charges

My last post was about parental over-protection, encouraging parents to give their kids the gift of assuming they can handle life, even if they make a few mistakes.

Today I’m thinking about an article I read, with a fascinating map that shows the diminishing roaming areas afforded four generations of a UK family.  Whereas Great-grandpa used to be able to wander six miles alone when he was eight in 1919, Grandpa could go within one mile of home in 1950.

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Trusting Life with Our Kids, and our Kids with Life

It won’t be long before summer camps will install video monitors in those nasty bathrooms with screen doors or flimsy curtains in an attempt to allow parents to catch a live-feed that insures them that their darlings have had enough fiber (they haven’t).

I read an article in a major news magazine today that referenced a summer camp I attended for several years. That camp will post 80,000 photos on its website this summer, over the eleven weeks they are in session,

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Kid Power

Why are kids always doing cool things that adults don’t do? They play. They speak honestly. They walk up to people they like and just hug ’em (no playing it cool). They spend hours (if not over programmed by adults) watching bugs. I love that.

They also seem to take on gargantuan projects because they just assume they can. They see a problem with their fresh, new, untainted eyes, are shocked by it, and just start doing something. Let’s acknowledge that most of them have parents who say,

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