Learning to See “Diamonds in the Rough” Among Us

People thought there was no film in the camera so they usually humored the odd little man who showed up at every wedding in the town of Maryborough, Australia for nearly 50 years.

Wal Richards, an illiterate, mentally and physically disabled man, rode his bicycle to weddings and photographed them for decades, amassing 20,000 photographs that no one had ever seen until after his death in 1967. Here is a bit of his story (and be sure and see/hear the audio slide show).

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Art in His Heart

We know what people’s noses look like. And their haircuts. And what they wear is obvious too.

But we sometimes find out that someone is full of art, crammed with soul, packed with stories… and we realize, well, that we all are a wellspring of unexpected surprises. And that the exterior packaging just isn’t an adequate indicator of what’s inside.

Especially if someone works at a job that requires a soul-concealing uniform.

Today I went to the post office,

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Trusting Life with Our Kids, and our Kids with Life

It won’t be long before summer camps will install video monitors in those nasty bathrooms with screen doors or flimsy curtains in an attempt to allow parents to catch a live-feed that insures them that their darlings have had enough fiber (they haven’t).

I read an article in a major news magazine today that referenced a summer camp I attended for several years. That camp will post 80,000 photos on its website this summer, over the eleven weeks they are in session,

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