public transportation

Hitchhiking on Someone Else’s Smile

I was on the subway coming home from my workplace downtown. A man changed seats mid-ride and sat unusually close to another passenger. He leaned over too far into a man’s personal space and began looking at the other’s laptop screen. My anxiety rose. We all know not to do this, don’t we? I got up and moved seats, far away.

I’m not proud of this.

In a minute or so, the man came and sat directly in front of me,

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Banishing Stranger Danger

“Stranger danger” is not relevant to me.  Oh sure, I’d avoid running off with someone who asked me to join a cult or threatened me with a weapon. But short of that, I love meeting new people and often get involved in conversations quicker and for longer than many of my companions would generally choose.

So a while back, I decided that in honor of all the cool people I met in my daily wanderings, I would inaugurate a “stranger of the week”

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