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“Dissipating the fog of irony”

I continue to write about Christy Wampole’s New York Times article on “How to Live without Irony,” which I consider really important.”  To catch up on the conversation, read my two prior blogposts, and then come back here.

Wampole wrote:

Where can we find other examples of nonironic living? What does it look like? Nonironic models include very young children, elderly people, deeply religious people, people with severe mental or physical disabilities, people who have suffered,

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Stock Photos of You

I ran across an amusing article this week in Jezebel, called The World According to Stock Photos of Women. It analyzes in a tongue and cheek way what women do with their days if we go only by the evidence of stock photos. They sip coffee from mugs, feel perplexed by computers, eat lots of fruit, and live in pale blue surroundings.

It got me thinking about the idea of stock photos in general and what uses we have for them and what their limits are.

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