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Reader response to the irony conversation

In my last post, I wrote about SPACIOUS as an anti-irony mechanism. I could also call it an anti-sarcasm or anti-isolation movement. My passion is connecting people for the greater good and flourishing of all. Yes, that’s ambitious, and yet I think it’s possible.

In the New York Times article I referenced in that last post, author Christy Wampole writes:

“What would it take to overcome the cultural pull of irony?

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Not Elvis

I see him most days as I zip around the neighborhood. He’s been an Elvis look-alike, dress-alike for years, a clearly cultivated persona. This is not bloated Elvis, or flamboyant Elvis or even dying-on-the-toilet Elvis (was that a myth?). And he’s not even Army Elvis or daddy Elvis or “I’m with Priscilla” Elvis. This is generic Elvis. Elvis at his core without any of the drama going on.

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