What WE’LL BE, Will Be

Yesterday, the day after the U.S. presidential election, I shared this by email with our subscribers. I wanted to share it with more of you because so many share our desire to DO something positive for this beautiful land and its people:


Well, it happened. And it’s over.

And because the point of SPACIOUS is to connect beyond the usual boundaries, to step out of the usual silos, we SPACIOUS people see this election,

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Being Lovers, Not Fighters

Recently I sent this post out to those who subscribe to our site. I wanted to post it for others too as it’s sparked some good conversations:

I hope you didn’t take my subject line the wrong way because 34 years into my marriage, I’m sticking with my man. But like Michael Jackson sang with Paul McCartney, “I’m a lover, not a fighter!” How about you?

Our national discourse is distressing. And Christians, among whom I count myself,

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Catherine Woodiwiss, Guest Post, A SPACIOUS Cab Ride

We’re excited about our guest post today. Here’s a bit about the writer and then her piece in its entirety:
Catherine Woodiwiss writes on faith, policy, and culture; co-runs a design platform; compulsively joins or builds community networks around shared interests and values; and plays music whenever possible. A chronic “Yes, And”-er, she tells us she is also a huge fan of SPACIOUS, and we’re grateful for that.

For someone who loves conversation,

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Free Love

We’re giving things away. Free.

  • 20 minutes of conversation via telephone on how to make your own life more spacious (Where do you feel stuck?)
  • one SPACIOUS t-shirt mailed to you in the U.S.
  • one SPACIOUS sticker mailed to you in the U.S.

Each free prize will go to the first person to email me at and say which one you want. We’ll then snail-mail you if you want one of the tangible items (though I hope the conversation will “touch”

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Let’s Do a “Log Jam” Project… but How?

I’m an 18.5-year breast cancer survivor. And I’m grateful for every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second that I’ve been given beyond that terrifying diagnosis.

When I went for my yearly mammogram last week, I found a journal or log in the waiting room. It wasn’t in the initial waiting room where you fill out papers with a #2 pencil. It was in the inner sanctum where you sit, vulnerably half-dressed, trying to hold the flimsy robe on your body,

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More Drawstring, Less Lace

“More drawstring, less lace” is the dress code for a cuddle party. Cuddle parties are a new social movement where people (strangers) come together to roll around like puppies and flop all over each other, offer foot rubs, back scratching, all the things that used to just happen between people and now need to be organized and planned.

This is about human comfort, nonsexual touch, connectedness. And it’s a desperate need. Let me start there. I agree that there’s a need.

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Living without Irony

I found this article so stimulating. Christy Wampole wrote “How to Live without Irony” which appeared in The New York Times last week. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Yesterday I wrote to our SPACIOUS subscribers about how SPACIOUS is intended to be an anti-irony movement*. We aim to create channels through which you can experience others with wonder, curiosity and delight, foregoing the sarcasm, skepticism and irony that are almost expected in some circles.

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Are you a fish living in water?

Have you ever seen someone in the grocery store who looked like he was looking for conversation more than looking for food to buy? Or have you been that girl who thought you’d wander the mall in hopes of striking a spark of human connection… just because you were lonely? I’m not talking about romantic pursuits; I’m talking about basic person-to-person engagement, something that used to be unavoidable and is now something that we cannot take for granted.

People used to sit on porches and talk to those who came by.

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The SPACIOUS State Cupcake

The once-humble cupcake has had a nice long stay on the cool desserts list. I thought the bubble was going to burst, but it hasn’t. So SPACIOUS has jumped on the bandwagon, and we now have a SPACIOUS “state cupcake,” much like we have a “state dance,” a “state meal,” and a “state playlist.” We need all these things because SPACIOUS is a state; SPACIOUS is a “state of mind.” And all states have symbols (think “state bird of Florida”).

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