state of mind

The Spacious “State Meal”

SPACIOUS is a state of mind. That’s our vision. I’m a big believer that every individual matters enormously, so if even one person had his or her life enlarged by our venture, by the possibilities we hold up, by the ideas we espouse, by the events we create, by the actions we recommend, then we’d be a success.

If a whole bunch of people were thus inspired, well all the better. For what are bunches of people other than conglomerations of individuals?

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Nathan Barnatt & the SPACIOUS “State Dance”

SPACIOUS is a movement; it’s an enterprise; it’s a brainchild; it’s an evolving venture.  And it’s a state of mind.

And like all the states of the union have special symbols, SPACIOUS has its own too.  Texas, big and gnarly as it is, has the Nine-Banded Armadillo as its “state small mammal,” and they also celebrate the cast iron dutch oven as their “state cooking implement.” SPACIOUS may not go so far as to have our own small mammal or cooking implement,

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