Family Form Follows Function

Old school: a leather-bound address book with handwritten entries, by family, alphabetically arranged.  Updated each year to reflect changes in marital status, births, deaths, moves.

The new normal: iPhone entries for each person, reflecting only that individual person’s email address, cell phone number and — rarely — a street address.

What does the format of an iPhone’s Contact section do, in and of itself, to affect how we think about people? It’s my contention that it’s a significant mind-shaper,

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Look Up

Mostly we walk around looking down at our phones. When was the last time you walked around looking up… not so far up that you tripped over tree roots or fell into construction pits… but just more up than down? Do you remember?

What would it be like to wander down the street or sit on public transportation ready to connect with others or simply sitting and noticing what’s going on around us? People might even be suspicious if we were actually looking around instead of staring down at a phone or at the floor.

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Too Wired and Connected to be Spacious

A subscriber to our site, Hannah, sent me an email after she signed up. I loved “meeting” her online, and I was also dumbstruck by one line in her email. She said, “It must be hard to keep your life spacious in the real world if you are keeping it so spacious on the web….”

Oftentimes I know what I need to pay particular attention to if it makes me feel like I might burst into tears; that’s a subtle clue!

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