Guest Post: Adrienne Stone-Gibilisco — Best Laid Plans

No matter how one plans for a perfect event, circumstances may arise that require the ability to be flexible and have a good sense of humor.

One Thanksgiving, I invited over about 20 guests. This eclectic mix of family, friends and co-workers came together with an appetite for food AND fun.  One of my guests, who lives healthfully and is always willing to share his recipes, brought supplies to prepare delicious smoothies.  Smoothies for Thanksgiving?  Why not!?  From his shopping bag,

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If you’re online on Thanksgiving…

I thought about writing something to encourage people who are online to get offline and do something, in real time, with real people.

There are plenty of times, though, when we’d love that, when we want nothing more, and it just ain’t happening. No invitations. The crowd isn’t getting together. Everyone’s out of town. Or we’re between things — new in town, not able to travel, waiting on a relationship to blossom, you know…all sorts of reasons for liminal spaces or empty calendars.

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Door Busters, 12-day waits and shopping frenzy

There are people, even now, camped out waiting to buy big-screen televisions; they got in line 12 days early. The big-box stores are opening early for Black Friday this year, on Thanksgiving Thursday night to be exact. I wrote about this last week, and many of you told me on Facebook that you too promised not to participate. Don’t the store employees alone deserve our boycott? “Let them eat turkey!” should be our new cry.

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Skip the turkey; I’ve got to get to Target!

WHAT?!? Tell me it isn’t so. Retailers are opening this year on Thanksgiving night, beginning at 8 o’clock, so that people don’t have to wait until “Black Friday” to shop.

With bellies full of stuffing, we’re all supposed to rush to the mega-watt parking lots and begin lining up to riot our way into big box stores full of crap to buy things that nobody wants or needs to prove our love to the very folks whom we’ve just left at home.

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The Spacious “State Meal”

SPACIOUS is a state of mind. That’s our vision. I’m a big believer that every individual matters enormously, so if even one person had his or her life enlarged by our venture, by the possibilities we hold up, by the ideas we espouse, by the events we create, by the actions we recommend, then we’d be a success.

If a whole bunch of people were thus inspired, well all the better. For what are bunches of people other than conglomerations of individuals?

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