Tim Keller

God-Glory Concentrate

Scripture says that people are the greatest manifestation of God’s glory, even more than nature, which Psalm 19 tells us reveals who God is. I love a quote by author Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. He says that cities have the greatest concentration of the image of God per square mile by virtue of having so many people in them.

I often think of that when I’m on the subway, crammed in with many people,

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The New Normal

I’m going out on a spindly, dangling, vulnerable limb and admitting that I’ve used the word “normal” to describe people like me with whom I wanted to be friends. As in “I like that girl; she’s so normal.”

In 1985 I declared about a new friend, “She’s so normal,” just because she was wearing Tretorn sneakers and vacationed at a place I’d been to often. I was ethnocentric and provincial enough to think that conferred normalcy or acceptability.

My husband pointed out that “like Cary Umhau”

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