More Drawstring, Less Lace

“More drawstring, less lace” is the dress code for a cuddle party. Cuddle parties are a new social movement where people (strangers) come together to roll around like puppies and flop all over each other, offer foot rubs, back scratching, all the things that used to just happen between people and now need to be organized and planned.

This is about human comfort, nonsexual touch, connectedness. And it’s a desperate need. Let me start there. I agree that there’s a need.

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Snap decisions and public transportation

Quick, you’ve just jumped on the subway and you have to grab a seat before the forward motion lurches you into the nearest pole. Without even consciously thinking about it, you’ll make calculations about each of your potential seat mates, and you’ll plop down in what feels like the safest spot.

“Safe” in terms of social cues, avoiding potentially awkward or threatening interactions… “safe” in terms of however you’ve been conditioned to think about various people based on the external visual clues as to their identity.

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