Keeping My Lies Straight

When I was a kid, I saw a book in a store. I didn’t have enough allowance to buy it, but I still remember staring at the paperback cover and journal-like structure of a book in which I was invited to record the lies that I had told so that I’d be able to keep them straight and not expose myself by forgetting what I’d said to someone. It seemed like such a good idea. And so sad at the same time.

I knew I didn’t always tell the truth,

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If you’re online on Thanksgiving…

I thought about writing something to encourage people who are online to get offline and do something, in real time, with real people.

There are plenty of times, though, when we’d love that, when we want nothing more, and it just ain’t happening. No invitations. The crowd isn’t getting together. Everyone’s out of town. Or we’re between things — new in town, not able to travel, waiting on a relationship to blossom, you know…all sorts of reasons for liminal spaces or empty calendars.

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