Guest Post: Marti Healy on Painting Life Upside Down

 (Author photo by Shelly Marshall Schmidt)

The woman had both hands drenched in paint. She pressed them onto the large canvas in front of her. Working with one hand and then the other, sometimes both together, she smoothed and swirled, stroked and shaped, covered and revealed the image into being. It became a face.

But it was a face presented entirely in positive and negative spaces. A face that only became recognizable at the very end of the process.

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Cary’s Book

Updates on Founder Cary Umhau’s book in progress, a spiritual memoir that recounts a wild journey of learning to hear and trust God’s voice.

Flattery Will Get You… Well, It Depends.

The blog comment read, “Your writing is excellent, and I’m inspired by what you’ve shared. I’ll bookmark it and come back often for wisdom and encouragement.”

And I hit “DELETE” in annoyance.

Because an insincere comment from someone simply seeking a ping-back to their own site is as meaningful to me as a stranger whom I’ve never fed telling me that I make incredible Texas Sheet Cake. They just don’t know. So their words really can’t touch me.

We want to hear encouragement not only from people who actually know us,

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An Apt Word

Auto-fill is the bane of my existence. I want to say something just the right way, and it prevents that. Even worse sometimes it embarrasses me when I try to say, “Wait a sec” and end up with “want a sex” or something similarly off base.

I was thinking about the shift in our culture where we now have hand-held devices that fill in the blank (rightly or wrongly) for us, speeding our communication, and allow us to fire off missives (often prematurely).

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