The SPACIOUS State Cupcake

The once-humble cupcake has had a nice long stay on the cool desserts list. I thought the bubble was going to burst, but it hasn’t. So SPACIOUS has jumped on the bandwagon, and we now have a SPACIOUS “state cupcake,” much like we have a “state dance,” a “state meal,” and a “state playlist.” We need all these things because SPACIOUS is a state; SPACIOUS is a “state of mind.” And all states have symbols (think “state bird of Florida”).

SPACIOUS celebrates our very own cupcake, created by Xiaolu Hou of 6 Bittersweets fame. Man, can she bake. And her website and food styling are gorgeous. And we’re proud to be collaborating with her.

The idea is that she created a juxtaposition of unusual flavors to represent the partnership and friendship between Joey Katona and me, an unorthodox relationship that we hope will encourage other in developing deep connections with those not obviously like them.

Things that don’t seem like they go together can sometimes be powerful combinations. Whom do you think you could collaborate with for fun and good things, perhaps someone not in your usual circles? Perhaps they are pomegranate to your red velvet, even. I’m getting ahead of myself. Read about the actual cupcake here in this excerpt from the order page of 6 Bittersweets:

**SPACIOUS Special**
Tangy, moist red velvet cake filled with tart pomegranate jelly and topped with silky smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream frosting

We love what Xiaolu has conjured up. We’ll be ordering up more of these for future events, just as we continue — at SPACIOUS — to juxtapose unusual ideas, inviting people to events that they may not have experienced with people they may not usually meet.  That’s our hallmark.

And we encourage you to explore your life’s version of unusual relationships and new tastes.

And order a bunch here (if you’re in the DC region)! If not, just enjoy Xiaolu’s beautiful blog.


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