The Spacious “State Meal”

SPACIOUS is a state of mind. That’s our vision. I’m a big believer that every individual matters enormously, so if even one person had his or her life enlarged by our venture, by the possibilities we hold up, by the ideas we espouse, by the events we create, by the actions we recommend, then we’d be a success.

If a whole bunch of people were thus inspired, well all the better. For what are bunches of people other than conglomerations of individuals?

So in that vein, if you think of a “state of mind,” every good state deserves some special symbols. Rhode Island has a “state drink,” Coffee Milk. Idaho has a “state fossil,” the Hagerman Horse (from the Pliocene epoch, no less). And every state in the union has a flag, a bird, all the mundane accoutrements of statehood.

SPACIOUS has a state dance, which we’ve shared with you before. And now I’d like to introduce our “state meal.” It’s the potluck. What better day to introduce it than on America’s annual food-fest, Thanksgiving. 

Our state symbols are a right-brained way to introduce you to our vision. Some people will catch on by reading descriptions of our projects. Others will become more spacious when they “come and see,” attending an event and meeting others. Some of you will get it when you think about some of these symbols.

For the benefit of our site’s international visitors, I’ll explain that “potlucks” are meals where everybody attending brings something for others to share. And many families and groups of people do Thanksgiving that way. People become known sometimes for a particular item that they “always” bring, and everybody (ideally) looks forward to it. People might even say, “Oh it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without your special sweet pickles or lime Jello or Cranberry Fluff or (fill in the blank:__________).

I’d like to posit that what we love most at SPACIOUS is creating — what else? — space for people who might not usually meet, to come together to have all of our lives enhanced by the interactions, the possibilities, the fun.

We don’t want everyone to come together to be squished into a mold. We like creating space where people can be totally and completely welcomed as they are, distinct and different from others, but can BELONG, simply because they are people who are willing to step out and admit that they’d love more — more fun, more depth, more creativity, more generosity, and more otherness in their lives.

A potluck would be a disaster if everyone attending brought a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke or if everyone came with a green bean casserole. The beauty of it is the diversity of the foods. Perhaps you’ll bring oyster casserole because you’re from Tidewater Virginia, and someone else will offer sauerkraut because of their German heritage. All together it creates a feast, with common elements and unique twists.

SPACIOUS works the same way. We’d be impoverished if we were only a few like-minded people showing up. We’re enriched because each of you joins us with your unique face, story, and dreams. I love that; it’s why we exist.

So our “state meal” is a potluck, and we need your presence and your unique element. You’re someone that brings a particular twist, and we wouldn’t be complete without you. Welcome.

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