The SPACIOUS State Playlist

If/since SPACIOUS is a state of mind, it needs state symbols like any good state has — a state reptile, a state protein, or perhaps the more common state flag, state bird, or state dog.

We’ve already chosen a state dance, and I wrote about it here.

We’ve already chosen a state meal, the potluck, and I wrote about that.

Today we’re celebrating a SPACIOUS playlist that my partner Joey and I have co-created. Yes, it represents the weird combination that we are — 23 and 51 years old, respectively. And Joey is a love-to-go-to-shows sort of guy, and I am a love-to-get-to-bed-early-to-read gal.

Perhaps you can figure out who contributed which songs from the songs themselves or from the descriptions:

Midnight City by M83 — This is one of my girlfriend’s favorite songs. Regardless of one’s faith background, there’s a beautiful sentiment in its lyrics in regard to enhancing community, embracing and engaging otherness with “…city is my church….”

Standing outside the Fire by Garth Brooks is just the best song ever about risking one’s heart in relationships, about not playing it safe, about entering in and expecting good things.

Louie Louie, the Beach Boys version — I played it on my jukebox and geeked out to it before I knew I could geek out. I turned it on nearly every day before middle school.

I Woke up this Morning by Taylor Eigsti makes me HAPPY.  I can’t listen to it and not be glad that I, well, woke up this morning.

Waving Flag by K’Naan is a song with strong meaning, a celebration song for the World Cup or the Olympics. It’s a bit cheesy, but we need a cheesy song on the list.

Arlo Guthrie is simply the best at protest songs and at getting us thinking about important things without waving a finger or fussing at anyone. He makes being challenged fun. So I’d drop Ring-around-Rosy-Rag into our list cause I’m a big fan of well-chosen civil disobedience.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye) is the first song I knew all the words to. I can sing the second verse better than anyone else can.

Walk On by U2 gets at my big belief that our lives are stories that are unfolding, that pain propels us and shapes us, and that the best is yet to come; there’s always more.

California Sunrise by Dirty Gold is about waking up with a smile on your face and not letting the little shit of life get you down. And a really dorky guy sings it, which helps.

Wild, Wild Life by the Talking Heads just makes me want to get up and dance. And the scene in David Byrne’s True Stories where a disparate cast of characters dances across a stage singing this is just pure, goofy fun.

Admittedly, this list could change every hour. And that’s spacious too. But right now, today, this is our playlist.

If you want to listen in and geek out a bit yourself, check it out on iTunes.

Shout-out to SPACIOUS friend Brandon Ball, who was our musical technological consultant on this.

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