Things I sometimes wonder about…







Do “folks” really dress up like Eskimos for Christmas?

Does Richard Simmons wear that outfit to church and to the opera?

Can the cowboy and the farmer really be friends?

Has Elton John been waiting all these years to name a kid “Levon?”

When we see those we consider “downtrodden,” do we ever wonder who’s been treading?

Do fathers wake up in the night wondering if their adult children remembered to take the GPS on their trip (as mothers do)?

What’s Harriet the Spy doing now?

Did Elvis ever wear shorts?

What’s the world record for eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Oh, I found it: 48 doughnuts in 8 minutes. I think I can beat that.

And finally I wonder what you wonder about.



2 thoughts on “Things I sometimes wonder about…

  1. Where did I put my iPod?
    Why does the bottom of my dog’s foot smell like Fritos?
    Why do Altoids make me sneeze?
    Seriously, where did I put my iPod?!

  2. Love it… Pamela! Laughed out loud over the Fritos! Does Edward like them?

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