Today is Generosity Day

Today is National Generosity Day… besides being Valentine’s Day, which I consider Amateur Night (that’s another post).

Sasha Dichter is in the forefront of getting people to think about living more generously.  He blogs at and has done a generosity experiment, a generosity TED talk… in short, it’s his THANG.

Since SPACIOUS has generosity as one of its tenets too, I’m all over promoting Sasha’s idea.

So do something generous today. Go above and beyond. Do something for someone who can’t do anything back.

What does “generous” denote anyway? My gut reaction is that it’s about giving someone a bunch of extra something-or-other, way more than was expected.

What I want most is a generous spirit. What would that look like?

  • Being open to everybody…every last everybody
  • Giving the benefit of the doubt
  • Following the advice that’s on my bathroom mirror: “love first; ask questions later”
  • Keeping a light touch and not a demanding tone
  • Assuming I could be wrong about just about anything, but not being afraid to act on what I think is right
  • Paying for someone who can afford it
  • Paying for someone who can’t
  • Paying for someone instead of getting or doing something (else) for myself
  • Saying “yes” before I know the question
  • Making someone else look good (even if I don’t)
  • Not taking credit when I could
  • Just generally trying to give more than I receive

That’s a start. What can you add to the list? Challenge me. Challenge you. Tell us your stories.

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