We’re a group of people, a movement of folks who create ways to bring people together to foster deeper connections and community. Because ultimately we’re all neighbors.

SPACIOUS’ vision is to include everybody at the table and to make it fun to be there. We value including people who aren’t always invited, feasting, playing, and living with childlike curiosity and wonder. We expect people to be known and celebrated as a result of our gatherings.

SPACIOUS began initially through the confluence of an unusual friendship between two folks who many would not have considered “friend material” for each other. And that sparked a movement of people taking chances on others outside their usual circles. Because being interconnected is how we are wired to flourish best.

The research of Barbara Fredrickson in her book Love 2.0 has been foundational for our thinking. It turns out that romantic love isn’t the only spark that affects us neurochemically; try smiling at someone on the bus or meet someone new at dinner.

Curt Thompson writes about this eloquently, tying the research to practical ways to experience giving and receiving love. His excellent work can be found here.

Get in touch to discuss how we can work with you to create neighbor-loving events and gatherings. We consult, scheme and dream in those realms.