Washington Post features SPACIOUS

Emily Wax of the Washington Post has more or less written my blogpost for me today. Because how can I improve on her story about SPACIOUS and other cool organizations that are advocating and facilitating play!?

Here’s the story, which graced the cover of the STYLE section in the print version of the Post.

We’re definitely about recess. Add to that a desire that people are known deeply, that we banish “us and them” thinking, that we realize our creativity and practice generosity, and that’s what SPACIOUS is about.

Thanks to Emily Wax and to photographer Evy Mages (and to our friend Mitko Gerensky for his video of our pie fight at our recent adult recess day).

It’s so much fun to be featured in the Post, and we’re already seeing new connections and new relationships develop as a result. That’s what it’s all about!

One thought on “Washington Post features SPACIOUS

  1. Hello there! I read about SPACIOUS in the post and thought it was super. I was particularly intrigued by the lines about ice cream trucks, milk and cookies happy hours, etc. I’m actually finishing up a milk and cookies truck that I hope to be operating in DC next month, and it would be swell to work together! It’s called Captain Cookie and the Milk Man (website in progress). Send me an email or something and hopefully we can talk soon!


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