When We Feel Outcast or Alone

I read an interesting article in the New York Times called Diary of a Creep. Here’s a link.

The author, Rend Smith, writes poignantly and honestly about his sense of “unmanageable isolation” and the pain of sensing that strangers avoid or move away from him in public because of his appearance, the result of a skin condition.

I admire his frankness. I also suspect that many of us feel something like this, though perhaps not as far out on the continuum of self-consciousness.

What are your experiences of reacting to someone the way the author describes? Have you ever felt like the outcast, the creep, the untouchable? What about you makes you feel that way?

And the most important question: what would it take for each of us to take risks on moving beyond physical appearances and connect, if ever so gingerly, with those we encounter in public? Where will you start?

ILLUSTRATION from the New York Times article — credit Toyin Odutola

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