Which generous one are you?

Have you seen the video of Caine’s Arcade?  You NEED TO stop and watch it now (please!). If you don’t, this post won’t make sense. But more importantly if you don’t, you’ll miss a chance for your life to be enhanced.

This has been all over the internet, and it’s worth wondering why it strikes such a chord.

Okay, you watched?  And you’re back?


Let’s talk about the characters in this real-life story:

  • Caine’s dad — gave his kid space, believed that he could do something productive while he himself worked, let him have some materials, encouraged his gifts, allowed the flash mob to happen, helped facilitate it
  • Caine —  did his thing without worrying about outcome, enjoyed the process
  • Nirvan — played a game when he stopped in (that’s no small thing in and of itself; most people don’t do that), and then went a lot further and created the flash mob and made the movie (which led to a huge scholarship fund for Caine)
  • The crowd — read about it online and came out and played

Caine’s father could have put Caine in front of a video game.

Caine could have whined that he wasn’t watching video games.

Nirvan could have ordered his needed auto part online, but he discovered something cool by going somewhere in person. And then he could have just talked to Caine and not bought a fun pass. And then he could have walked away and never come back.

And the crowd could have read about the chance to be part of a flash mob and make a boy’s day and then decided to do nothing.

None of that happened. Everybody stuck their neck out a little bit and ENCOURAGED something, DID something, SHARED something, ATTENDED something… and they all CHANGED something.

Which one are you? What can you encourage, do, share, attend and change?

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