Who do you want to play with?

I want to play with the kids who don’t care if they have egg in their hair. And who want to try something new. And who don’t mind if they’re a little too much of whatever their culture says is wrong (dark skin, light skin, big, small, funny, serious). Who just think, “Screw all that; I’m going to have fun.”

Those are the people I want to play with or hang out with or drink coffee or margaritas with… those people who won’t be defined by shame or perfection or shoulds or by anything other than their God-given fabulosity and the right to take up space on the planet “as is.”

I read a quote once that I loved. It was by Sarah Broom, in O, The Oprah Magazine.  She wrote about poetry parties she hosted in her Harlem home, inspired by a New Orleans childhood. I just copied this quote down and stuffed it in my “Why didn’t I say that?” folder (except I couldn’t have said it cause I’m not from New Orleans, except way back two generations). In messy hand-writing, it says:

When I was young in New Orleans, I never invited anyone over to my raggedy, falling-down house, out of shame, and now I want to make up for all that silliness and pushing away.

The whole article, Poetry Parties, is here… but Broom went on to say, “Good parties, I suppose, are what happen when people get together and act free no matter if they’re feeling it.

That’s what we did on Saturday at our SPACIOUS Adult Recess Day — “act free no matter (whether we were) feeling it.”  And then we felt it.

We even had a pie fight. And my business partner Joey even ended up with an egg on his head, as well as a marshmallow come to think of it, mixed in with all the whipped cream. Just because.

And we were talking this morning about how some people just don’t see the point of having egg on their head. There’s no actual point… but then again, why not? And how some people have decided that they are not going to do certain things — fun or recess for example.

But how often do we skip the party because of some “silliness and pushing away,” as Sarah Broom described it? How often do we miss out because we don’t feel like we deserve to play or we think we’ll look dumb or some such nonsense?

Really, is the world going to spin off its axis if you act free, end up with egg in your hair, throw a pie, squirm around on the ground pretending you’re an airplane, play Twister, or pretend you’re a pizza that’s being delivered?

Well, we did all of that on Saturday, and the world didn’t end. Check out our Facebook page to see the evidence. 

And then think about what you want to do and who you want to do it with. Don’t spend another minute hiding because of shame.

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