Why Are So Many People Pissed Off about Miss America?

An Indian-American woman was crowned Miss America this fall. And her coronation led to a firestorm of angry, cruel venting on social media, the perfect platform for cowardly people to spew venom anonymously without repercussion.

A few points:

  • America’s white majority is diminishing, and we’re richer for the diversity.
  • Fear of losing one’s (perceived) position often motivates hate speech. It seems like we’re all looking for someone whom we can consider inferior to ourselves or our people.
  • The poison of hate, vomited even (or especially) anonymously, permeates and cheapens our culture and chokes us all like filthy second-hand smoke.
  • Celebrating others’ successes, whether we know the person or not, enlarges us personally and contributes to a culture of kindness. Why not tweet something that elevates the discourse and doesn’t make people feel like they’ve been slimed?

Here she is, Miss America.

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