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I’m Cary Umhau, Creative Director and Founder, and I welcome you to SPACIOUS! I’m simply the chief among equals of a team of people, including Co-founder and Cultural Catalyst Joey Katona, who are starting a movement that needs you!

We encourage everybody to SUBSCRIBE to our weekly email. HERE IS WHERE YOU SIGN UP! We send out one email on Wednesdays to our growing list of worldwide subscribers. We briefly talk about events in D.C. where we are piloting, but the bulk of the email is about living a more spacious life, something you can do right where you are, especially with our encouragement!

Here’s a bit more about SPACIOUS:

  • We custom-create events (often from others’ great ideas) — anything that is about fun, creativity, or generosity. We always facilitate them to help people know they belong, and we have a passion for helping people see how amazing everybody is. Think of us as a vehicle for experiencing human worth and dignity while having a blast. Recent events have included an Adult Spelling Bee, cooking with Eritrean refugees, a potluck story dinner, and Unique Day (a thrift store visit where we buy gifts for someone we just met).
  • We consult to help people bring more spaciousness (“openness to others” to state it simply) to their workplaces and professional teams, so that they and their goals flourish.
  • We are working towards physical spaces and mobile trucks where all this happens.
  • We write, speak and teach on these themes.
  • We have a helluva lot of fun with a diverse group of people.

Of course you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, but real community happens in person and, second best, through being one of the weekly email subscribers, for whom we reserve our best sources, ideas and shout-outs.

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