Yet One More Muse, Steve Martin

I adore Steve Martin. Rumor has it that he once stepped into my family’s entrance hall to pick up a date, who was the friend of a woman who was babysitting me and my sister). I wasn’t home; I can’t confirm that he was there… though my sister tends to be a trustworthy source.

Yet that brush with fame isn’t the reason I love him. Like Dave Brubeck and David Byrne, he is prolific and operates in many creative directions.

Let’s start with his website, which is one of my favorites. Google “Steve Martin” and you’ll see his site with the annotation, “Steve Martin’s #1 source for looking himself up on the Web!” On one page, the header says, “The Web’s 660,943,817,855,213rd hottest destination.” He’s just clever all around.

He acts in movies; he writes books for kids (I’ve read ’em) and adults (I’ve not); he tours playing the banjo with the Grammy-nominated Steep Canyon Rangers (coming your way)… oh, and he’s a comedian.

I really enjoyed his autobiography (which also mentioned my aforementioned “babysitter’s friend”), Born Standing Up, and the thing that most grabbed me was how long he toiled away in obscurity before becoming an “overnight sensation.” Dark clubs with five drunk people… that sort of thing.

He persevered. He succeeds in multiple worlds. I love the guy, and I’ve been laughing at him since I was a teenager and tried to explain to my parents why juggling cats was so hysterical.

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