You’re Enough Already

“You are enough. You have enough. All you need is a kick in the pants,” my friend said to me. And I think she was right.

The question at hand was whether I could step into long-held dreams or whether I needed to gain more wisdom, knowledge, skills, and confidence. On one hand, “YES… we always need to keep growing.”  But for many of us, especially after a certain age, the answer is “NO… we do not need to wait to gain more anything. We need to get on with it, whatever ‘it’ is, because quite likely we ARE enough, we HAVE enough, we KNOW enough already.”

Over the weekend I watched a documentary called Objectified, about physical objects and the people who design them. One man interviewed in the film said this: If I had a billion dollars to fund a marketing campaign, I would launch a campaign on behalf of things you already own. Why not enjoy them today?”

Isn’t that awesome?

That got me thinking about how for the most part those of us with computers on which to read this blogpost have what we need to live our lives. Yes, we want more; often we don’t need more. Really. 

And it got me thinking about how for the most part we are enough now — even if we don’t feel like it. And yet we’re always trying to exist in some other plane, get somewhere else when we could — as author Geneen Roth says — just concentrate on showing up where we are now.

So is there anything you are stalled on because you think you need to own or be something different in order to act?

Is it objectively true?

If not, then you’re enough already.


I reserve the right to write an opposing viewpoint blogpost the next time that my flip side needs to speak up… so I just may write another time on the need to dig in deep in preparation for the flourishing of our goals and dreams. We’re complicated creatures.

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